The applicant can chose to cancel the adjudication service any time before the event occurrence but the fee paid for the adjudication services by the applicant will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Any postponement of the event date mentioned in the application for adjudication should be informed 30 days prior to the event else EWR will not reschedule the Adjudication dates and the amount paid for Adjudication will not be refunded.

Refund of Adjudication is only possible under the following instance: If the adjudicator does not show up to the record event no matter what the cause, then the applicant is entitled for a full refund the applicant has paid for the adjudication services.

If the adjudicator failed to adjudicate due to incompetence or for using flawed measuring equipment, then EWR will form an investigating committee on receiving a formal complaint from the applicant. The committee will decide and approve the refund based on the evidence and investigation. All claims of refund will be settled between 10-15 days from the date of the claim.

Rapid Track & Rapid Review

There is no scope of cancellation once the applicant had opted for the rapid track or rapid review services. Hence once paid the amount will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Once the applicant opts for rapid track or rapid review then EWR will respond to the application or any query from the applicant within a minimum of 2 working days and at the maximum of 7 working days time depending on the complexity of the query.

Refund for the Rapid Track and Rapid Review service will be considered if EWR had failed to respond within 5 days of the query submitted to EWR, assuming that the query was sent thru electronic mail only and not the postal mail.


The fee paid for the certification cannot be cancelled under any circumstance. EWR will issue or post the certificates as per the details provided in the application by the applicant.

In case of damage and correction occurred due to the negligence from the part of EWR, then a fresh certificate will be resent to the applicant. In case of damage and correction occurred due to the negligence from the part of the applicant, then EWR will not be liable for the mistakes and the applicant will have to pay again if the applicant requires another copy of the certificate.