In General, EWR is responding to each application within four weeks period from the Records Management Team. Here, our Rapid Track Service will enable us to offer premium services through quick review of application and responds within two working days after opting for the Rapid Track Service. An applicant can make a choice with Rapid track Service at any point of time. If an applicant wants to avail this Rapid track service at the time of applying will cost 700 US$ and applicant will get benefits such as:

Applicant will receive an answer for the application from the EWR within two working days along with the Unique Guidelines Pack and Record Breakers Pack.

Subsequent queries from the applicant from the Members area will be treated on priority basis through this Rapid Track Service.

An applicant’s evidence and supporting materials which is forwarded to EWR after the completion of Record Attempt will be examined on priority basis within two working days through this Rapid Track Service. It is defined as Rapid Review.

Here, EWR will come up with reasonable explanation in the case of record suggestion is not suitable or acceptable. An applicant should remember that the fee paid towards the Rapid Track Service is not refundable if the Record Attempt proposal was not accepted.

An applicant can avail Rapid Track Service at any point of time after submitting the Record Attempt application to EWR. If an applicant decided to avail this quick service after submitting the record Attempt evidence, then review will be finished within two working days and the stipulated fee in this case would be 500 US$. Rapid Track Service is an option to avail priority status for your Record Attempt application scrutiny and evidence review only. The fee paid towards this service cannot entitle any guarantee for the acceptance of the Record Attempt.


An applicant can make a choice with Rapid track Service at two circumstances:

(Rapid Track Service) Before attempting the record, ie. While Submitting the application (Cost 700 US$). This includes review of your application and also the review of the claim documents after the completion of the record.(or)

(Rapid Review Service) After the completion of the record attempt you need your result immediately then you can opt for Rapid Review option to review your record within two working days. (500 US$).

In Rapid Track Service: The cost includes application screening before the event and review of your claim documents after the record attempt within two working days.

In Rapid Review Service: The cost includes only the review of your evidence and claim documents after the completion of the attempt within two working days.