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ADJUDICATION – On Site Record Certification
It is essential to submit a separate application at our official website to avail the adjudicator facility with the complete details of your Record Attempt event.
Premium Service – Adjudication in Detail:
It is a possibility and facility from EWR to have an official adjudicator to verify and certify on the spot at the Record Attempt event. This is a facility for you to know in detail about your Record Attempt through availing our official Adjudication Service which comes with a presence of a well trained EWR Adjudicator, on the day of the event and verifies the record on site.
What are the pivotal benefits on having a EWR adjudicator for a Record Attempt ?
This facility will provide instant verification of record attempt and announces the results on the spot. It improves the profile to a major extent. Importantly, your achievement will gain official authenticity through the presence of an EWR official adjudicator on the spot where the event took place. Also, this will facilitate effective PR opportunities for the event through the adjudicator, who is prominent in this aspect. Facilitation of certificate through an official adjudicator on the success of the Record Attempt automatically gains prominent attention from media and the official adjudicator will be a great help in managing and utilizing the presence of media quite effectively. A prominent coverage about your record attempt will be possible while you opt for the adjudication service.

What are all included in Adjudication Service?
  • Record will be verified on the spot by the well trained EWR Adjudicator.
  • This EWR adjudicator will present official Provisional certificate on the site after the successful achievement of record.
  • This certification ceremony through Official Adjudicator includes certificate presentation and includes up to 3 certificates along with final details.
  • A Detailed and complete adjudication article along with photographs will be posted on our official website.
Is the adjudicator facility a paid service ?
Yes, it is a paid service from EWR. This cost will be decided based on the package you choose for, location, number of records, number of adjudicators and number of days involved in it. In addition to that the organizers of the event should bear the expenses for the travel and accommodation of the adjudicator/s. Generally the cost of Adjudicator facility is 1000 US$, this depends on the number of record attempts, number of days travel, stay and others. The final cost will be derived once when we get the application.
Do I need to submit the evidence though the adjudicator is presented at the Record Attempt event according to the Record Breaker’s Pack?
The answer is no, but there are few exceptions such as the presence of adjudicator is not enough to verify the Record Attempt event. For example, marathon events, we require a logbook, which will be checked by EWR adjudicator upon arrival. This is exercised as the adjudicator will not keep up throughout the attempt. The additional supporting evidence like participants logbook, marathon logbook, visitors log book and others has to be submitted to the EWR official without fail. It is mandatory.
What types of events will benefit more through this service ?
In fact, the presence of on-site adjudication is for:
  • Mega Events.
  • Events related to branding a Product.
  • PR events and Marketing activities.
  • Charity functions.
  • Corporate events.
  • Product launches.
All the adjudicators will come up with their own measuring devices ?
Yes, mostly we will come up with our own measuring device. But there are few exceptions in this aspect. For instance, weight-related records which involve heavy weights, organizers should arrange appropriate weighing scales for this purpose.
An official adjudicator request should be carried out from our official website through the members login and submission of record application is vital.