We believe everyone can be the worlds best at something
Our Mission is to raise the bar of human achievement through world records
How an individual can be a Elite World Record Holder ?
1. Application Check List will be the first
step towards Elite World Record ?
As we mentioned earlier, EWR receives more than 10,000 potential record breaker enquiries every year. We request the applicants to read and understand the things in order to help us answer these many queries quickly and to accept as potential records. Perhaps this list might look like little longer, but really worth giving it a read.
Read all the below given check list properly:
2. Registration Form Completion:
The entire registration procedure will be in three major steps as below :
  • Fill out all the personal information as requested.
  • Please provide us your email address, which will in turn, be your website login username and you can create your own password according to your interest.
  • Our website will revert back with an email (it takes few minutes to few hours)- You should confirm your identity through unlocking the email and this will conclude your registration part successfully.
The Registration Form:
1. Detail us about your proposal or Record idea:
The successful completion of registration procedure will be returned back with a login box. Use your login ID (your email address) and type your chosen password during the registration procedure. Now this successful login facility will offer you a choice to choose between the standard application and Rapid track service. If your interest is for multiple records, then we suggest you a separate proposal for each planned record or claim.
Here, the standard application procedure comes at completely free of cost and demands four weeks for the completion of process. We suggest you to plan for a Rapid Track Service in the case of an urgent natured claim. This premium service will entitle you to receive an answer within two working days from the date of submission. You can find more details about this RAPID TRACK SERVICE here.

The successful submission of record will receive an email with a document called as Universal Information on Record Breaking Attempt and we will explain you the process involved in it. This email will contain a RECORD ID number which will be the reference for your application. Generally, this initial email will be sent to the applicant within three days after the submission of application. This email is an indication that your application is in the regular review of our system and will be evaluated within four weeks. Sometimes this duration will take little longer as it involves consultation with our external experts. There is a chance that some one from EWR will contact you if any further information is needed to evaluate your application effectively. Always remember that the EWR team is always determined to answer quickly to your application. We suggest you seeking Rapid Track Service if this answer is required quickly from the EWR team.

Once a decision is arrived by the EWR team, it will result into an email for you mentioning our exact decision with respect to your application.

This could either:

  • A straight away rejection of proposal- a detailed explanation will be offered for the decision made by the EWR team against to your application.
  • An acceptance to proceed with your proposal to set or break a record as a new Elite World Record category along with Unique guidelines. Along with Unique guidelines you will receive the Record Breakers Pack too.
  • You will receive a suggestion of a record that EWR already monitor as your proposal is same as the established category.

An answer from EWR will entitle you to proceed further with Record Attempt and strict adherence with supplied unique guidelines is essential here. You’re suggested to record all the evidence as mentioned in the Record Breakers Pack and in the unique guidelines.
Now, you can submit this evidence in a single package through super subscribing your RECORD ID number over the package. It is essential to mention this RECORD ID number on the outside of the package and over each evidence piece that is submitted inside the package.

EWR will require four weeks durations to assess the attempt with the help of submitted evidence and comes to a decision. You can avail RAPID REVIEW for your claim through applying for the same. Every unsuccessful claim will be acknowledged with an email outlining the problems that were restricted the success. Every successful claim will be acknowledged with a letter/email.
We clearly explained the entire procedure for the application process and suggest you to print this page for reference and to proceed with the application process.

We wish you all the success for Record Attempt
and thanks for visiting us.