We believe everyone can be the worlds best at something
Our Mission is to raise the bar of human achievement through world records

What is the procedure for applying to set or break a record ?

It is very nice of you for showing interest to set or break record. You can obtain the entire application procedure from HERE

What is the exact record verification procedure ?

You can proceed with the Record Attempt after receiving the unique guidelines from us. Here, it is imperative to follow the guidelines for providing suitable evidence related to the Record Attempt success. You can find clear guidelines for this aspect and you have to adhere to the guidelines provided in the Record Breakers Pack too. You have to send the evidence to our head office and review team will evaluate the sent evidence within four weeks duration. You will receive the certification for the achievement of your attempt, after the verification team is satisfied with the evidence you have sent.

What is the Record Adjudication procedure ?

An official EWR judge is called as record Adjudicator and this adjudicator will verify the record personally and certifies the success according to guidelines. However, it is not mandatory to have adjudicator for every Record Attempt event. Actually, a record under the presence of an official EWR adjudicator will always have huge chances to increase the profile of the record attempt event. A record attempt through an official adjudicator automatically gains attention from media and immediate announcement through this adjudicator will result in a huge popularity for the achiever.

EWR adjudicators attending to a record attempt happens quite often, which will ensure strict adherence with the guidelines. These adjudicators are professionals and well trained to face media interviews. This adjudicator will be available at the record attempt event prior to the schedule time keeps in touch with media such as TV, news papers, radio etc. Every successful record attempt will be facilitated with certification by this adjudicator immediately. Every Record Attempt success is precious and it would be more worth if done instantly through the official adjudicator. It can gain attention from the media and offers huge popularity to the achieved success.

Presence of the EWR official adjudicator will also include a review press release too. EWR’s internal press office will schedule and arrange all the needed press releases through communicating with media and distributes the same too. Distribution of photographs and information about setting a record or breaking record to media will be carried out professionally from our head office. Importantly, presence of the adjudicator will result as a great help in clarifying the doubts in guidelines quickly in friendly manner. Also, a record attempt organized through a Records manager from our head office will be solely dedicated to the event.
This kind of service is very much limited from EWR and this will result into some expenditure for the participant. This expenditure would be for attendance fee, travel cost, and some others. Further clarifications and guidance about hiring an official adjudicator can be pursued through calling personally to our number 00914226577077.

How many days will it take to receive an answer about my/our record-breaking application ?

EWR is proud to inform you that we receive every year more than 10,000 enquiries in record-related category from the enthusiasts all around the world. This kind of huge response is making us to respond within four weeks duration, with an answer to the applicants. In some cases this duration will be more than the mentioned too. We are offering Rapid Track Service for the people who are interested in having quick response to their applications.

What are the benefits one can gain through Rapid Track service and how will it work ?

In General, EWR is responding to each application within four weeks period from the Records Management Team. Here, our Rapid Track Service will enable us to offer premium services through quick review of application and responds within two working days after opting for the Rapid Track Service.
An applicant can make a choice with Rapid track Service at any point of time. If an applicant wants to avail this Rapid track service at the time of applying will cost 500 US$ and applicant will get benefits such as:

  • Applicant will receive an answer for the application from the EWR within two working days along with the Unique Guidelines Pack and Record Breakers Pack.
  • Subsequent queries from the applicant from the Members area will be treated on priority basis through this Rapid Track Service.
  • An applicant’s evidence and supporting materials which is forwarded to EWR after the completion of Record Attempt will be examined on priority basis within two working days through this Rapid Track Service. It is defined as Rapid Review.

Here, EWR will come up with reasonable explanation in the case of record suggestion is not suitable or acceptable. An applicant should remember that the fee paid towards the Rapid Track Service is not refundable if the Record Attempt proposal was not accepted.
An applicant can avail Rapid Track Service at any point of time after submitting the Record Attempt application to EWR. If an applicant decided to avail this quick service after submitting the record Attempt evidence, then review will be finished within two working days and the stipulated fee in this case would be 300 US$

Rapid Track Service is an option to avail priority status for your Record Attempt application scrutiny and evidence review only. The fee paid towards this service cannot entitle any guarantee for the acceptance of the Record Attempt.


An applicant can make a choice with Rapid track Service at two circumstances :

  1. (Rapid Track Service) Before attempting the record, ie. While Submitting the application (Cost 500 US$). This includes review of your application and also the review of the claim documents after the completion of the record.(or)
  2. (Rapid Review Service) After the completion of the record attempt you need your result immediately then you can opt for Rapid Review option to review your record within two working days. (300 US$).
  3. In Rapid Track Service : The cost includes application screening before the event and review of your claim documents after the record attempt within two working days.
  4. In Rapid Review Service : The cost includes only the review of your evidence and claim documents after the completion of the attempt within two working days.

Which Place can I buy the book ?

The book will be made available worldwide in all major book retailers and online retailers on a constant revised publication schedules.

How much would it cost me initially to initiate a Record Attempt with EWR ?

In fact, there are no expenses to initiate a Record Attempt by an individual or a group or by any one. There is some stipulated fee to be paid by the participant, when intended to utilize our Rapid Track service or if any adjudicator is needed to attend this event. Certificate and additional copies will be charged.

How much payment will be paid by the EWR on successful record breaking event ?

EWR will not pay any amount for the successful record breaking event. Also, remember that EWR will not bear the expenses incurred for breaking a record too. The needed equipment for this purpose and other expenses should be purely met by the participant only. Here, EWR is a mere arbiter with impartial quality to judge the record breaking event to facilitate the success with certificate and will not take part into the event at any aspect. We always encourage the participant’s genuine interest for setting or breaking record for the EWR certificate and always against to financial angle in it.

How to inform about the mistakes or errors found in EWR book ?

We always encourage this kind of support towards our publication activity from all our readers. We request you to contact us in this aspect through our Website Contact page. These comments and observations will be forwarded to our editorial team and necessary action will be taken as early as possible through suitable investigation. We always exercise utmost accuracy measures in our publication division and standards are vital for our book.

My record is not added to the Book, what should I do in this regard ?

As we mentioned earlier, every year EWR receives more than 10,000 enquiries from all parts of the world showing interest to set or break the record. Among all the participants, few will be successful and successful candidates will be offered place in our database of records.Here, our book only can accommodate 5,000 records per year. Editorial decision will be final in this aspect and we will accommodate as many records as possible to enter in to the book while publishing every year. Editorial team will add up some of the valuable and important records into the book according to the set standards and regulations.Here, the record of yours, which is not included in this year publication will have a chance to take place in future editions basing on the readers interest and editorial guidelines. However, this record may also appear in the website.

My record is not found on the website and what should I do in this aspect ?

Our website is accommodated with 30,000 categories of database; a record will be featured on the website basing on the available categories. Also, website is currently capable to hold 2,000 records online, and we’ll be adding few more every week. We suggest you to check our website constantly for this purpose.

What are the types of Records prohibited from taking up ?

EWR is currently receiving more than 10,000 record claims per year. It is highly tough to accept these many claims that were sent to us. Some of the received claim suggestions are highly dangerous to accept by EWR. We always take a back step from the claims that are having chances for the risk over participants, spectators and members. We always keep ourselves away from the claims that are not reasonable for the challenge or too much centric towards any particular individual and impossible to break the record. Also, we are not encouraging any national or parochial or country specific records keeping in mind the space constraints and restricted resources availability. We are recognizing or publishing such claims. This is the main reason to call us Elite World Records and not the Elite Book of Records.It is not the idea of EWR to underestimate these capacities or capabilities, but it is just an effort to keep all the records are possible to break once again with a solid proof and skills.

Where is the Headquarters of Elite World Records Private Limited ?

Elite Worlds Records (UK) Private Limited
First Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove,
Finchly, London N12 0DR.

Elite World Records Private Limited Records Management Team
77A, First Floor, Balaji Avenue,
Near Chetty Street, Coimbattore-641001,
TamilNadu, India.

All the correspondence is requested to be addressed to Records Management Team.

In case of any legal issues, how are these settled ?

All legal issues are subject to Coimbatore Jurisdiction.

Does Elite World Records Pvt Ltd voluntarily search for and recognize world record achievers ?

Yes – Elite has vast resources and an ably manned research team. It is the duty of the team to identify and verify world record achievers located all over the world and appreciate their achievement. The mission of Elite is to ensure that the hard work put in by the achievers does not go un-recognized. They make sure every world record achiever is awarded a certificate. The acceptance of the certificate by the achievers gives Elite World Records the right to automatically publish photos, articles and any other publicity material either in print or the web media or any other media they deem fit.