Keeping in mind the worthiness and importance of the record and the record holder, the only way to showcase and introduce the achievement of the holder is through the EWR Certificate. The certificate showcases the achievement along with the details of the record, name of the record holder, location where achievement accomplished and the date of the record achievement. All the extra certificates supplied officially by EWR are of the similar standard quality paper like the original standard certificate. Also, these extra certificates will be supplied along with the ELITE WORLD RECORDS Seal of sanction too.


Option 1: General Certificate Service

All Elite World Record Holders on the successful completion of the record attempt in Normal Track Service will receive a approval mail and a letter. On the receipt of the approval mail, the applicant has to pay 100US$ to EWR to receive the certificate pack. Every additional certificates will cost 20 US$.

Option 2: Certificate Service for Rapid Track Customers

Elite World Record Holders on the successful completion of the record attempt in Rapid Track Service will receive the certificate pack within 10 working days from the date of approval of the record attempt. This service does not involve any cost. One standard certificate is at free of cost to the Rapid Track Applicants and additional certificates if required will cost 20 US$.

Option 3: Premium Service on Certificates

All the world record achievers can opt for the “Customized Extra Certificate Service”. This facility will enable a record holder to order an edited special version of certificate. This Personalized Extra Certificate will contain some more additional information that was not there over the Standard Certificate. This will include Company or Product Details, Additional names, Location, further details, and some other interested information sought by the record holder. Remember that this additional information should require prior approval from EWR to take part on this Customized Extra Certificate. In case of group events, this option enable the organizers to give individual personalized certificates to all the participants of the attempt at 20 US$ each. Special discounts can be availed for orders more than 50 certificates.