We Believe Everyone Can Be the World’s Best at Something !

Our Mission is to Raise the Bar of Human Achievement Through World Records !

Welcome to Elite World Records, the new home of world records. We believe everyone can be the worlds best at something. Our Mission is to raise the bar of human achievement through world records. Elite World Records is an initiative to showcase amazing human feats, incredible achievements and unique events. We evaluate, approve, recognize, supervise, and certify amazing human feats, incredible achievements in nature of world records and their achievements in all disciplines, by publishing journals and registry of world records. With a very high standard of Supervision, Approval and Recognition of Records, Elite World Records strives to become an authority when it comes to world beating records. The incredible contents of Elite World Records are reaching out to all potential people which in turn pave way to display their latent talents globally. Our pivotal intent is to bring extra-ordinary out of ordinary people and to showcase their achievements globally.

Elite World Records was first initiated in 2008 and it was formally incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 2011. Elite World Records is focusing to spread its wings at United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, and France. We conduct T.V shows, live shows, stage performance, and demonstration, convene gathering and congress of world record holders periodically and we train, coach, educate, impart, instruct, supervise, and guide all individuals aspiring to create/break world records.

“Work hard in silence, let your
success be your noise.”

Elite World Records has its registered office for its Records Management Team at 77A, Balaji Avenue, Near Chetty Street, Coimbatore-641001, Tamil Nadu, India. Our Other Offshore Offices and Chanel Partners are located at : Elite World Records Limited Liability Company, United States at 7260 W, Azure Dr.Suite 140-212, Las Vegas, NV 89130.

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